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He saw the love and devotion in slaves eyes and he knew that he would be cumming shortly. Slave was actually afraid that Master was going to hurt him as he was thrashing about wildly, but finally he came. Of corse he did not tell him his desire for muscled meat, but it seems like that is not necessary...

Wave after wave of salty seed pumped into his mouth. He smiled from ear to ear as he savoured the delectable drink. When he had finished, slave begged him to leave his cock in his mouth and wash down the cum with a fresh load of piss.

Masters cock began to shrink slowly in his mouth, no longer causing him to choke.

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He had been searching internet chatrooms looking for Mr. He was quite picky in some ways, and ended up rejecting a few offers beacuse he thought they didn't look strong enough to really dominate him. He was a tall muscular man with a rough, rugged look earned through years of hard graft.

They shared photos, spoke on SKype regularly to guage the others personality.

When he rises, he hears a cockerel crowing in the distance, indicating sunrise. He shimmied backward until his balls were over slaves nose. Master was out of control at this stage, powerfully face and throat fucking his slave.... But first please please please, piss down my throat....." An interesting day as an intern 18 year old Luca did an internship at the university.

He began to tip the bottle more and more until it began flooding slaves mouth. It took him a long time to feed the slave, but it didn't complain or make a sound once. The last bits of the bottle were clearly the hardest. After finishing the entire two litres, Master dribbled a big gob full of spit into the slaves mouth as a dessert treat. They were both having the time of their lives and were falling deeply in love with the other. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH", "hold still you fucking little cunt", "don't struggle while i cum in you". "Master will you fuck me every day until I die please? Having a not just nice but totally handsome and mind-blowing supervising tutor , he fantazises about him from the first day.

He loved the way he had been forced to swallow his cum at least three times, before his brother would let him jerk off himself. He had recently decided to sell up his home and small business in the pursuit of a quiet life in the country.

He had a supple body, toned after months of sculpting it in the gym. He had always had a thing for older guys since he had been fucked by his older brother.

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Master was nearly inside the car by the time he got to it. Away from Dublin the capital, and west towards Galway. He knelt down with his head so that he could get under his Masters torso.